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Cold rolling process 2017-09-04 10:25:51

The reason and method of the coil in cold rolling refers to the condition that the coil is in an unstable position relative to the middle position of the rolling mill. It is a special form of deviation. Causes of winding: 1. The difference between the steel strip and the steel pipe is too high. When the steel pipe is different, the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value of the thickness of the steel pipe and steel tube is measured. Generally with the steel pipe within 0.05mm, there is no foundation winding phenomenon; on the contrary, it is easy to occur leisurely volume. 2, if the oil scraper oil scraper operation, uneven pressure shortage, will cause the steel rolling oil residue of inevitable, the strip between the friction coefficient decreases, the steel volume is formed on both sides of the mobile trend, you roll. 3, the amount of pressure, a center, AS-U value of each pass reduction will influence of irrational distribution of strip steel, causing you roll easily; the first pass rolling, if to a center and the AS-U value given is not appropriate, resulting in one-sided wave, big belly strip steel pipe type you roll, cause easily. 4, the rolling show abnormal high-speed rolling has broken belt, Shashi tension caused by strip roll away, leisurely city. 5, other front and rear tension does not match, roll system set equipment is inappropriate, the work roll with taper, all easy to bring leisurely roll. You roll control method: 1. early abstinence for mild leisurely volumes, through the process of steel tube type instrument curve shift means to control; for you through the process of moderate volume in the coiling area as a whole mobile steel coil; for serious big volume, real-time notification of technical personnel should be confirmed, then revise policy thickness, then rolled unloading. 2, draw up reasonable reduction procedures, reasonable cutting procedures, reasonable distribution of rolling passes and reasonable given a center and AS-U preset value, can be useful to avoid showing serious winding. 3, the scale operation with the steel pipe difference is the primary cause of the winding, the optimization process and improve the scale operation to reduce the difference between the steel strip and the steel pipe. 4, the inspection work through the process of inspection work, when the oil scraping system inherent to the design of rolling equipment deficiencies, should be improved in the rolling process equipment, at the same time, every time the strip roll pad of paper, through the process of paper suction loss of rolling oil, the friction force between the steel added, in case of big volume.

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