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Stainless Steel Safety Report 2017-09-04 10:31:21

Application of stainless steel in the food industry will be the statements in March 26th, the International Association of nickel, Zhejiang University, Ningbo Institute of technology and equipment manufacturing industry in Ningbo city industry technology innovation alliance in Kaiyuan Hotel held with the "application" in stainless steel in food industry presentations. This presentation aims to broaden the perspective of enterprises, domestic designers and related professional teachers and students to communicate with each other and provide access to the latest international information platform to help enterprises to understand the system designers and technical staff of stainless steel and application in food industry characteristics. The presentation invited the international nickel association staff Gary Coates (GaryCoates), who has worked in the stainless steel category for 35 years, as a guest speaker. The presentation, Gary Coates focuses on the introduction of stainless steel structure, function and applicable scope; the food industry in common stainless steel erosion type, based on this and give the participants introduced how to correct processing material and stainless steel; finally, Mr. Gary Coates also lively case shows stainless steel application in food industry category to master. Gary Coates has manipulated the years of experience and has demonstrated to the participants the latest technological developments and growth trends in the stainless steel category. In exchange links, common problems of Mr. Gary Coates of Zhejiang Hualian Machinery Group Co. Ltd, Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. representative gives a specific answer. Mr. Gary Coates's speech was rich and original, and was well received by the participants. The international nickel association is a non - profit industry association representing 24 nickel producers. The society is committed to spur the production, application and re operation of nickel. The Zhejiang University of science and technology, Ningbo, Ningbo equipment manufacturing industry research alliance alliance sponsored statements will be for enterprises in Ningbo and the relevant university teachers and students of public welfare professional lectures.

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